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Dev Tattoo is the name of trust Since 1 decade. Mr. Roshan, the founder of Dev Tattoos is active in the tattoo field for the last 14 years. Earlier Mr. Roshan used to deal with graffiti, painting, wall art Etc. Mr. Roshan has got tattoos of many filmmakers also. And Mr. Roshan has also participated in many different competitions. Dev Tattoos are well known for low-pain tattoos in Delhi, Dev Tattoos always use all the equipment fresh and new for everybody. Cleanliness is also taken care of here. The 12-year-old at Dev Tattoos also has repeat customers. Do not be in any hurry in getting any tattoo done, choose the design wisely, which you will not regret in any way later. Before getting a tattoo done, definitely consult the artist about the design, so that you can choose a good tattoo design. A small consultation fee can save you from huge losses. You are getting this information from the Official Website www.devtattoos.com of Dev Tattoos.

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Mr. Roshan, The founder Of Dev Tattoos, Has Been Making Tattoos Since Last 14 years. Mr. Roshan Has Made Thousands Of Tattoos Till Now. Mr. Roshan Has Done All Kinds Of Tattoos Like 2D Tattoo, 3D Tattoo, Portrait Tattoo, Bio-Mechanical Tattoo, Realistic Tattoo, Illusion Tattoo, Cover-up Tattoo, Tattoo Re-Design, Small Tattoo, Micro Tattoo etc. Dev Tattoos Also Has A Repeat Customer Of 12 years old. Dev Tattoos is The Name Of The Trust. Live tattooing can be seen by visiting Dev Tattoos' channel, youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC0UTGcKtAA 

Dev Tattoos Ke Founder Mr. Roshan Picchle 14 Salo Se Tattoo Banate aa Rahe Hain. Mr. Roshan Ab Tak Hazaaro Tattoo Bana Chuke Hain. Mr. Roshan Har Prakar Ke Tattoo Banaa Chuke Hain, Jaise 2d Tattoo, 3d Tattoo, Portrait Tattoo, Bio-Mechanical Tattoo, Realistic Tattoo, Illusion Tattoo, Cover-Up Tattoo, Tattoo Re-Design, Small Tattoo, Micro Tattoo Etc. Dev Tattoos Me 12 Saal Purane Clients Bhi Repeat Hai. Dev Tattoos Ke Channel Par Jaakar Live Tattooing Dekh Sakte Hai, Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PC0UTGcKtAA



Mr. Roshan Singh, The founder of Dev Tattoos Has Been Conducting Tattoo Training Course Since 2013. Till Now Many Trainees From Dev Tattoo Studio Are Earning A Lot of Money And Name By Completing Their Course And Opening Their Qwn Tattoo Studio. Many Different Courses Are Offered in Dev Tattoo like Basic Tattoo Course, Advance Tattoo Course, Professional Tattoo Course, Hobby Tattoo Course etc. For More Information About Tattoo Training you can click on this link http://www.devtattoos.com/tatoo_training.php  Thank you for visiting this page.

Dev tattoos ke Founder Mr. Roshan Singh 2013 Se Tattoo Training Ka Course Karaate Aa Rahe Hain. Ab Tak Dev Tattoos Studio Se Kaafi Trainee Apna Course Complete Karke Apna  Tattoo Studio Open Karke Kaafi Paisa Or Naam Kamaa Rahe Hain. Dev Tattoos Me Kai Tarh Ke Alag Alag Courses Karaye Jaate Hain Jaise Basic Tattoo Course, Advance Tattoo Course, Professional Tattoo Course, Hobby Tattoo Course Aadi, Tattoo Training Ke Baare Me Jyada Jaankari Ke Liye Aap Hamare Is Link Par Click Kare http://www.devtattoos.com/tatoo_training.php  Is Page Ko Visit Karne Ke Liye Aapka Dhanyawaad  



Mr. Roshan Singh, founder of Dev Tattoos has been making paintings since last 20 years. Mr. Roshan Singh has made many paintings so far, some of which have done graffiti work at the homes of the owners of famous companies, some of which are prominent, Ranbaxy, Dabur, Maxima etc. Or Kai has also made paintings in the houses of reputed IAS, IPS officers. Having a painting background, Mr. Roshan is also able to give those details in tattoos, which not many artists can give. You can see his live painting by visiting the YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbjPzNJD8PY. Or you can also visit our painting page link http://www.devtattoos.com/painting.php for more information about painting. Thank you for visiting our page

Dev Tattoos Ke Founder Mr. Roshan Singh Picchle 20 Salo Se Painting Banaa Rahe Hai. Mr. Roshan Singh Ne Ab Tak Bahot Sari Paintings Banaai Hai Jinme Se Kuchh Famous Companies Ke Owners Ke Ghar Par Graffiti Ka Kaam Kiya Hai Jinme Se Kuchh Pramukh Hai, RANBAXY, DABUR, MAXIMA Aadi. Or Kai Reputed IAS, IPS Officers Ke Gharo Me Bhi Paintings Banaa Chuke Hai. Painting Background Hone Ke Karan Mr. Roshan Tattoo Me Bhi Wo Barikiya De Paate Hai, Jo Kaafi Artist Nhi De Paate App Youtube Ke Is Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbjPzNJD8PY  Par Jaakar Unki Live Paintings Dekh Sakte Hain. Or Painting Ke Baare Me Jyada Jaankari Ke Liye Aap Hamre Painting Page Ke Is Link http://www.devtattoos.com/painting.php  Ko Bhi Dekh Sakte Hain. Is Page Ko Visit Karne Ke Liye Apka DHANYAWAAD



Dev Tattoo founder Mr. Roshan Singh has been drawing, sketching since childhood. Mr. Roshan Singh's father was a sculptor. His grandfather was a clay artist, and his elder brother is a painter, so Mr. Roshan Singh is a family artist, which is why Mr. Roshan Singh makes such good sketching. So far he has made a lot of sketches, in which there are sketches of some prominent people like Bohemia singer, actor Shahrukh Khan, actor Sushant Singh Rajput, or sketching of boyfriends of many girls, sketching of girlfriends, sketching of children, sketching of mothers, sketching of fathers. Sketching etc. Its live video youtube link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWdX63J24iI&t=1296s

Dev Tattoos Ke Founder Mr. Roshan Singh Bachpan Se Hi Drawing, Sketching Banaa Rahe Hai. Mr. Roshan Singh Ke Pitaji Ek Murtikaar The. Unke Dadaji Ek Clay Artist The. Or Unke Bade Bhai Ek Painter Hai, Isliye Mr. Roshan Singh Ek Khandani Artist Hain, Isi Kaaran Mr. Roshan Singh Itni Badiya Sketching Banaate Hai. Ab Tak Inhone Kaafi Sketch Banaye Hai, Jisme Kuchh Pramukh Logo Ka Sketch Hai Jaise Bohemia Singer, Actor Shahrukh Khan, Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Or Kai Ladkiyo Ke Boyfriends Ki Sketching, Girlfriends ki Sketching, Bachcho Ki Sketching, Mothers Ki Sketching, Father Ki Sketching Aadi. Aap Is Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWdX63J24iI&t=1296s  Par Click Karke Live Sketching Dekh Sakte Hai. Es Sketch Me Son Or Father Ka Sketch Banaya Gaya Hai.



This color sketch that you are seeing is made with color pencil. Color sketch looks better than black/white sketch. You can give your color sketch to someone as a gift. This is a gift that the taker will always keep it or will be happy to remember you. You can see our other sketches by visiting the sketching page of this website. Click on the sketching page link  http://www.devtattoos.com/sketching.php

Ye Jo Aap Color Sketch Dekh Rahe Hain Wo Color Pencil Ke Dwara Banaya Gayaa Hai. Color Sketch Black/white Sketch Se Jyada Achchha Lagta Hai. Aap Kisi Apne Ko Uska Color Sketch Gift Me De Sakte Hai. Ye Ek Aisa Gift Hai Jo Lene Wala Hamesha Isko Sambhal Kar Rakhega Or Aapko Yaad Karke Khush Hoga. Aap Hamare Or Anya Sketch Isi Website Ke Sketching Ke Page Par Jaakar Dekh Sakte Hain. Sketching Page Link http://www.devtattoos.com/sketching.php  



Friends, the founder of Dev Tattoos, Roshan Singh has made face painting in many Halloween parties. Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.



Mr. Roshan Singh, the founder of Dev Tattoos also makes canvas paintings. There are different categories of canvas painting like portrait painting, landscape painting, modern art painting, etc. Mr. Roshan Singh the owner of Aap Dev Tattoos also deals in Canvas Paintings. You can also make canvas paintings from here. You can see our other paintings by visiting the painting page of our website. Click on this Page link http://www.devtattoos.com/painting.php 



Mr. Roshan Singh the founder of Friends Dev Tattoos also does calligraphy with a brush. You can also learn calligraphy. To learn calligraphy writing, you will need to take a calligraphy course in Dev Tattoo, the duration of this course is 2-3 months. You can learn to write strings. You are taking these information on the official website of Dev Tattoos about page. Thank you for visiting these page.