K Handa Tattoo

"Khanda tattoo" Khanda is a significant image of Sikhism and has profound importance behind every one of the 4 parts it is made out of. Two single edged swards speak to swards of 6th master of Sikh's Shri Guru Hargobind who named these swards as Miri and Piri which means otherworldliness and fleeting force. One can see a khanda image on Sikh's religious banners, sanctuaries, and religious books.

Khanda additionally reminds us that Sikhs have a warrior in them who battled against foul play in the past.

Sikh's were guided by their masters to not to expel hairs from their body for what it's worth against nature/God who gave us birth and this body, so should keep it complete, flawless and clean and with no adjustment to any part.

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