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Dev Tattoos Is The Name Of Trust Since 14 Years. Dev Tattoos Is One Of The Best Tattoo Studio In Delhi. If you are looking for a good tattoo studio for yourself, then Dev Tattoos is the right choice for you. Dev Tattoos is a very trusted name in Delhi, this name has maintained its faith since last 14 years. Thousands of tattoos have been made in Dev Tattoos till now. And 12-year-old customers have also gone to this studio after getting tattoos done again. Over the years, Dev Tattoos has opened studios in many different places, but now Dev Tattoos has a total of 3 branches, in which Mr. Roshan, the founder of Dev Tattoos himself sits there in the Rajouri Garden main branch. If you want to get them tattooed, you'll have to book an appointment first. Mr. Roshan (Dev) would not have been available without an appointment. You can book your appointment through Paytm, Phonepe, or Google pay, on 9313666999. Make sure to confirm your appointment before visiting the studio at Rajouri Garden, you may have to go back without booking an appointment. Thank you for visiting this official website of Dev Tattoos


Dev Tattoo

Dev Tattoo is the name of Trust since 2008. Mr. Roshan Singh, the founder of Dev Tattoos is active in the tattoo field since last many years. Mr Singh named the studio Dev Tattoo after his elder son Devraj Singh. Prior to tattoo making, Mr. Singh used to do graffiti, painting and wall art. Mr. Singh has also got tattoos of many film stars done. Mr Singh has also been a part of many tattoo conventions. Dev Tattoos Delhi is known for making tattoos with less pain, this tattoo studio always uses branded and new equipment for all, and cleanliness is also taken care of. Till now 12 year old customers have also come to this tattoo studio to get tattoos done again. Tattoos made in this tattoo studio look great even today. Today Dev Tattoos is a very famous tattoo studio, and the credit goes to all the respected clients who gave so much respect and love to Dev Tattoos. 90% of the customers are happy in this tattoo studio as the work at Dev Tattoo Studio is done with utmost sincerity and cleanliness. Don't forget to make your appointment before visiting this tattoo studio as the artists of Dev Tattoos are very busy. Friends, keep one thing in mind, Hygiene is taken care of at Dev Tattoo Studio, and all Equipment's are Branded and used new, so Dev Tattoo Studio does not make cheap tattoos. Friends, The hobby of tattoos is not a Cheap hobby. Your body is very precious, don't make it cheap by getting cheap tattoos on it.

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  • Simple Tattoo 2d
  • Realistic Tattoo 3d
  • Cover Up Old Tattoo
  • Calligraphy tattoo
  • Bio-Mechanical
  • Portrait Tattoo
  • Name Tattoo
  • Illusion tattoo
  • 3d tattoo

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  • Base Price RS. 2500/- Next All RS. 1000/- Per Square Inch
  • Name Tattoo
  • Body Scars
  • Old Tattoo
  • Basic Price Rs. 2500/- Which Includes The Size Of 1X1. The First Inch Is More Expensive Than The Regular Price, Since Starting Includes Needle, Gloves, Tip, Bandage, Ink, Tissue, Hygiene, Etc. DESIGNING, EDITING CHANGE EXTRA
Rs 1000


  • Base Price RS. 2000/- Next All RS. 800/- Per Square Inch
  • Portrait Tattoo
  • Illusion Tattoo
  • Realistic Tattoo
  • Basic Price Rs. 2000/- Which Includes The Size Of 1X1. The First Inch Is More Expensive Than The Regular Price, Since Starting Includes Needle, Gloves, Tip, Bandage, Ink, Tissue, Hygiene, Etc. DESIGNING, EDITING CHANGE EXTRA
Rs 800


  • Basic Price RS. 1500/- Next All RS. 600/- Per Square Inch
  • Tribal Tattoo
  • Maori Tattoo
  • Plain Tattoo
  • Basic Price Rs. 1500/- Which Includes The Size Of 1X1. The First Inch Is More Expensive Than The Regular Price, Since Starting Includes Needle, Gloves, Tip, Bandage, Ink, Tissue, Hygiene, Etc. DESIGNING, EDITING CHANGE EXTRA
Rs 600

What client Says?

Author my experience was so good, He took care of all the hygiene and i felt no pain. He was so calm and composed throughout the session and even talked to us no nicely the whole time. all n all it was the best decision.. Thankyou, sir
Muskan Khurana
Author If you want to feel the best with your tattoo so please visit the BEST TATTOO ARTIST...thats Dev studio.... Believe me i got immense knowledge for my tattoo he has the best patience...a very humble and a down to earth guy who know how to make the other person feel comfortable for a long time sitting. I thought my tattoo would be worked upon for
Varun Mehndiratta
Author Very nice place, awesome staff , I have no words to say my tattoo was amazing ♥️, very hygienic ,if you having tattoo for the first time I will recommend you form here, they will give you the best of best ♥️
Krish Jain
Author This is my first tattoo for which I was very scared but I am very grateful to Dev, he is very professional and kept me very comfortable throughout. He completed my tattoo in 6 hours. He gave his 200% when my tattoo was finally ready then it is beyond my imagination. It works very well Good job i ll make 2nd tattoo asap ????
Mohit Bhardwaj
Author It was just a perfect tattoo, i took some sample images to him he joined all my ideas into 1 tattoo, it was my first tattoo i wanted a big tattoo from soo long but everybody scared me of the pain. he was soo calm and just made it in within the time span, and also the clarity of the tattoo, it was soo much more than i expected. environment of the
Vansh Dahiya
Author Experience speaks for itself. Very calm and composed artist. There was minimal pain and no blood. The process was very smooth and he was very supportive. He explained the process at every step, and his reassurance helped me survive my first tattoo! It was effortless for me. I am very much satisfied with the outcome and would definitely recommend
Vinayak wadhwa

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NOTICE - Avoid Waiting, Book Your Time Before Coming To The Tattoo Studio. Come Only By Booking Your Appointment For A Good And Best Tattoo Work, So That The Artist Can Understand Your Tattoo Design Better, And Your Tattoo Becomes A Memorable One.      Pay Some Advance By QR Code And UPI For Confirmation Of Your Booking.  UPI Id.  Devtattoos@ybl